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 location:Home Lubricating oil additives extreme pressure antiwear additives series
Phenolic compounds
Product Name CAS.No Molecular formula Description
phenol 108-95-2 C6H6O Show
m-cresol 108-39-4 C7H8O Show
P-ethylphenol 123-07-9 C8H10O Show
p-cresol 106-44-5 C7H8O Show
o-cresol 95-48-7 C7H8O Show
Tri-mixed cresol 1319-77-3 C7H8O Show
m-cresol 84989-04-8 C7H8O Show
2,4-xylenol 105-67-9 C8H10O Show
2,5-xylenol 95-87-4 C8H10O Show
2,6-xylenol 576-26-1 C8H10O Show
3,4-xylenol 95-65-8 C8H10O Show
3,5-xylenol 108-68-9 C8H10O Show
Antioxidant Series
Product Name CAS.No Molecular formula Description
phenols/amines Primary antioxidants Antioxidant 1010 6683-19-8 C73H108O 12 Show
Antioxidants 1076 2082-79-3 C35H62O 3 Show
Antioxidant 2246 119-47-1 C20H12 Show
Antioxidant 300 96-69-5 C22H30O 2 Show
Antioxidant 616 68610-51-5 C11H16O(C21H26O)n Show

Antioxidant 264

Blocker TBX 1879-09-0 C12H18O
2,6-tert-butylphenol 118-82-1 C29H44O2 Show
6-tert-butyl-m-cresol 88-60-8 C11H16O2 Show
2-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol 2409-55-4 C11H16O2 Show

Antioxidant T502A

phosphite antioxidants Antioxidant 168 31570-04-4 C42H63O 3P Show
Antioxidant 626  26741-53-7 C33H50O 6P2 Show
thioester antioxidant Antioxidant DLTDP 123-28-4  C30H58O 4S Show
Antioxidant DSTDP 693-36-7 C42H82O 4S Show
Sulfonic acid and other series
Product Name CAS.No Molecular formula Description
sulfonic acid and derivatives phenolsulfonic acid 98-67-9 C6H6O 4S Show
p-toluenesulfonate 104-150-4/6192-52-5 C7H8O 3S•H2O Show
benzenesulfonic acid 98-11-3
C6H6O 3S
Sodium benzenesulfonate 515-42-4
C6H5NaO 3S
sodium p-toluenesulfonate 657-84-1 C7H7NaO 3S Show
glycerin series 56-81-5 C3H8O 3 Show
Phosphate Flame Retardant Series
Product Name CAS.No Description
Toluene diphenyl phosphate (CDP) 26444-49-5 Show
Isopropylated Triphenyl Phosphate (IPPP) 68937-41-7 Show
Tris(3-methyl)phosphate (TXP) 25155-23-1 Show
Tricresyl phosphate (TCP) 1330-78-5 Show
Lubricating oil additives extreme pressure antiwear additives series
Name Introduction Description
T-399 This product is an extreme pressure anti-wear agent that can reduce engine wear and increase engine power, so it is also called engine curing agent or strong repair agent... Show
T-323 This product is a brown-red transparent liquid, which is a multi-effect additive with outstanding anti-wear extreme pressure performance and good anti-oxidation effect. It has good compatibility with other additives. . Show
T-307 This product is a light yellow transparent liquid with outstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, and is compatible with other additives. Show
T-306 The appearance of this product is transparent oily liquid, with good extreme pressure anti-wear performance, flame retardant performance, mold resistance, low volatility and good electrical performance. . This product is suitable for gear oil and anti-wear hydraulic oil, and is also one of the components of fire-resistant hydraulic oil. Show
T-304 Colorless or light yellow oily liquid with a density of 0.998, a boiling point of 95 ° C, a refractive index of N251.4228, a flash point of 120 ° C, soluble in organic solvents, insoluble In the water. Show


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